Keyboard cleaning – From 15EUR

Wire replacement – From 20 EUR

Replacing switches – From 10 EUR

Replacement of stabilizers – From 25 EUR

Diode replacement – From 10 EUR

Switch lubrication – From 80 EUR

Installation of sound insulation – From 10 EUR


Headband repair – From 25EUR

Wire plug replacement – From 15 EUR

Repair/replacement of built-in wire – From 20 EUR


Wheel encoder replacement – From 15 EUR

switch replacement – From 10 EUR

Repair/replacement of built-in wire – From 20 EUR

Please note that prices for services are not final and start from.

The price consists of the hours spent by the master and the cost of components.

In each case, a technical specialist contacts you in advance and offers several options for components of different price categories, then the choice is yours!

We always debug the product and announce the final price in advance, no surprises!

Product fault assessment is free of charge, subject to further repair/upgrade only.

If for some reason you decide to refuse our services, the cost of fault assessment is 10 EUR

We give a guarantee of 3 months for all work done.